Different types of webinars: live, automated, series, hybrid. Instant screen sharing and live chat. Multiple polls. Email automation campaigns. Analytics dashboard with data export.
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Video Quality, Run-Time Limit

WebinarNinja is one of the best all-in-one webinar software. It is marketed as the webinar solution that everyone has been looking for. Big companies such as Spring House, Podia, BFinance, and Baremetrics use and trust it to deliver quality content to their audience. How can you go wrong with it?

If you are looking for webinar software to use for your business, you have come to the right place. We’ll find out precisely what WebinarNinja has to offer.

Key Features

Modern dashboard

A clean and easy to navigate dashboard is something which helps users use the software with convenience. The pleasant interface presents users with an overview of their current statistics, their last and next webinar, as well as links that enable them to edit videos quickly.

There is also a side panel on the right that gives users easy and quick access to stats, recordings, webinars, saved templates, integration, images, and other things.

Webinarninja Dashboard

CRM Integration

Since we have mentioned integration previously, let’s delve into it more. WebinarNinja comes with additional tools that help users to spread the word about their webinars. They can easily add their registrants to their CRM systems, such as ConverKit, MailChimp, and Hubspot, to name a few. WebinarNinja also uses Zapier to integrate registrants with other systems such as SendPlus and MailerLite. This allows users to further communicate with people who have shown interest.


Webinar makes it very easy for viewers to subscribe to any host. They will automatically receive a notification any time there is a new webinar published. Users can also contact their subscribers directly and quickly.

Webinar creation

The creation of a webinar is as easy as clicking the “create webinar” button. There are four options to choose from:

  • Live – is a live event that takes place on a specific time and date
  • Series – is a series of live events which are all scheduled in advance
  • Automated – a pre-recorded webinar which takes place only one time or regularly
  • Hybrid – a pre-recorded webinar with a host present who interacts with the attendees

Webinarninja Create Webinar


Compared to other similar webinar products out there, the costs involved with getting Webinar Ninja is reasonable. One apparent reason why a lot of people initially do not pursue webinars is the cost involved. However, Webinar Ninja’s starter plan is as low as $39 per month when paid yearly, so it doesn’t break the bank. Webinar Ninja also offers reasonable and workable pricing plans which start at 100 live webinar attendees and unlimited registrations and unlimited webinars.
Webinarninja Pricing

Questions and Answers

Webinar attendees can easily reach out to users with their issues by entering them in the Questions tab. It helps separate the general chatter from messages which should be paid attention to.

During a webinar, users can easily click a button to indicate that they are answering a question. In the replay, every question answered will have a timestamp referring to the part of the video when answers were given. However, there is no way for attendees to upvote questions. So it is not uncommon to be sometimes looking at a long list of questions without any indication for which ones to answer.

Stats and Analytics

Monitoring your performance is very easy with WebinarNinja. Retention rates, attendance, and conversions can be easily tracked through the webinar tool.

Nothing in this world is perfect, and Webinar Ninja is not an exception to this. Here are a few things that can be improved.

Video Quality

After doing a test event with more than a hundred attendees, it is noticeable that the video quality is quite low. Even sharing large, simple slides, and small videos, the video isn’t top quality. After switching to full screen, the problem is very obvious. No, this is not an issue with the wifi connection because the same things happened when I was connected to the wireless network and when I was connecting through the Ethernet cable. I also tested my Internet speed, and it was more than decent.

This only means that the video compression is so strong that anything with movement or details can’t be shared well. Be prepared for inferior results if you share the following:

  • Images or slides with lots of details
  • Live video
  • Your screen with movement

This problem is pretty severe because people who use webinars rely much on videos to get their message across to others. Low video quality can become a distraction, and attendees will be scratching their heads wondering if their connection is too slow, instead of focusing on the content. And I daresay it’s not just me who has experienced this.
Webinarninja video quality

Run-Time Limit

With WebinarNinja, all your events have a maximum run time limit of 2 hours. The support team mentioned that recording is limited to 2 hours and was also advised by the same team not to run events longer than that. Obviously, this is not a good thing because some events can last more than 2 hours. It limits your potential!

The Verdict

WebinarNinja is a reliable company, and a lot of people use their platform to craft various video content and distribute it to their customers. The Starter Pack, for example, is an outstanding deal for those who are looking for a basic platform.

If you are considering Webinar Ninja, be sure to take advantage of the 14-day trial and give it a test run before you commit yourself to their paid plans. Make sure to use all features and see if they are suitable for your needs before you subscribe to their various plans.

WebinarNinja offers different types of webinars: live, automated, series, hybrid. Instant screen sharing and live chat. Multiple polls. Email automation campaigns. Analytics dashboard with data export.
Try WebinarNinja!
You can get a 14-day free trial, which allows you to test out all features of WebinarNinja.
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